Comp No 4 11h July 2018
Judge: Ralph Bennett
Image Author Score
Mono Prints    
Glenfinnan Viaduct Barbara Needham 18
Mono Prints    
Cooling Down in Queen Victoria Square Hull Maria Rhoades 20
True Yorkshire David Hornsby 20
US Airborne Brian Woolhouse 19
Bomber Command Veteran Neil Whittaker 18
Having a Moment Bill Kandola 18
Iron Face Peter Needham 18
I Think It’s Going to Rain Liz Sercombe 18
Kings Cross Janet Tierney 18
Liverpool Remembers Colin Hucklesby 18
Roots Brian Woolhouse 18
The Pill Maker Bill Rhoades 18
I Think This is Where I Get Off Tim Everatt 17
Recreating the Style John Smith 17
Sibling Affection David Hornsby 17
Where’s My Flake Gone? Neil Whittaker 17
Colour Prints    
Ballachulish Bridge Barbara Needham 17
Flower Arrangement Eileen Davies 17
Colour Prints    
Four Spotted Chaser Clive Campling 20
Jurassic Lakes Brian Woolhouse 20
Airborne Brian Woolhouse 19
Cat in the Window David Hornsby 19
Learning with Dad David Hornsby 19
Broad Bordered Bee Hawkmoth Joyce Campling 18
Heron with Nesting Material Bill Rhoades 18
Male Sparrowhawk Joyce Campling 18
New Plantation John Smith 18
Starling in Dispute Bill Rhoades 18
Steam Punk Fantasy Neil Whittaker 18
Contemplating the Infinite Janet Tierney 17
Glen Coe Peter Needham 17
Going for the Line Bill Rhoades 17
In Control Tim Everatt 17
Officer and Gentleman Neil Whittaker 17
Thinking of Home Bill Kandola 17
Digital Images    
Swirls of Time Norma George 19
Digital Images    
Crested Grebe in Battle Maria Rhoades 19
Cuckoo with Meal Bill Kandola 19
Kingfisher Emerging Bill Rhoades 18
A Case for the CSI John Smith 18
Heron with Fish Joyce Campling 17
Doing the Hop David Hornsby 17
Evacuee Brian Woolhouse 17
Granny Takes a Trip Janet Tierney 17
Male Reed Buntin Clive Campling 17
Yellowhammer with Meal Maria Rhoades 17