Evening outdoor meeting - Goole Docks

Wednesday 24 July 2019

During early summer we meet at outdoor locations in the area to get down to some serious picture taking! 

This Wednesday the club will assemble at Goole Docks

 Meeting place is the car park is at the Leisure Centre on  North St,  DN14 5QX  at 7pm The car park is divided in two  sections and would advise keeping to the area between the Leisure Centre and the main road to avoid any charges.

 From that car park it is about 2 minutes walk up to the Ouse Bank .  There is a circular walk through the docks on a designated walkway up to Bridge Street, then over the bridge back along Bridge Street either straight into the town centre or along past the council offices to Church Street, Aire Street and the car park.

DN14 5QX
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