Dianne Seddon

Wednesday 04 March 2020

Dianne Seddon ARPS CPAGB BPE3, will make a welcome return to the camera club tonight.

The meeting will be in two halves: 
First half,
Dianne will be be taking us through light painting.  She will be bringing all the gear, but she asks that members should ensure that they know how to:

 1. put lens into manual focus
2. know how to use bulb mode if they have it
and -
3. be able to set the camera into a 30 second exposure time.
This is a practical night, so please bring cameras and tripods to this meeting.
 If members don’t have a tripod, perhaps they can organise to share with somebody.
Everything else  will be run through on the night.
In the second half,
Members are asked to bring a ‘creative’ print or dpi – it doesn’t need to be something wonderfully complicated, the idea is that is a ‘teaching’ session, as Dianne will look at them critically and helpfully!

Dianne will be running the second half as a ‘bring-a-creative-print’ session, and would like members to bring along their creative work to discuss

The idea is that she will look at what we are doing with a view to give help and encouragement, but will also develop ideas and make suggestions for working more creatively.

Bring as many creative prints as you like – they don’t have to be mounted – the more we bring, the more we will be able to learn from Dianne!