Evening outdoor meeting - Urban walk in Caistor

Wednesday 09 June 2021

Don't miss out on tonights night out with the camera!  This evening the club will be out and about, visiting Caistor

Caistor is a gem of a small Georgian town, with a fine
church and a Roman wall.  Lots of interesting buildings, and its built on a hillside, so plenty of narrow lanes and steps. 

We will be meeting at around  7.15pm

Please park in the market place, There is alosadditional parking at the Co-Op, which is next door to the Caistor Town Hall opposite the entrance to the Market Place on the main Brigg-Caistor road.

Please note: Do not attempt to get to Caistor from Scunthorpe using the motorway.  From 7pm, the main Brigg to Caistor road is closed for roadworks from Howsham railway bridge, and the entire stretch of the main road from Bigby to Caistor is affected. 

Come via Brigg, and follow the yellow diversion signs via Howsham and Moortown onto the A46, which will bring you into Caistor through the village of Nettleton.