Award winners this year were:-


Scunthorpe Camera Club Annual Competition 2016 - Judge Gary Langley DPAGB
  Image Author Award   Image Author Award  
  Bamburg Castle John Smith 1st Goblet   Landon Quoit - Cornwall Neil Whittaker 1st Schofield Cup  
  Megan John Smith 2nd   The Rescue Party Janet Tierney 2nd  
  Splash John Smith 3rd   Spiral Staircase Janet Tierney 3rd  
  Washing Before the Water Disappears Linda Spate HC       MONO PRINTS PORTRAIT  
      MONO PRINT BEGINNERS   One Day this Sword will be Mine Maria Rhoades 1st Elkington Cup  
  Face to Face Barbara Scott 1st North Lincs SCO   Suzy Neil Whittaker 2nd  
  The Caps John Smith 2nd   Light and Shade Neil Whittaker 3rd  
  Ullswater John Smith 3rd       MONO PRINTS PICTORIAL  
      COLOUR PRINT BEGINNERS   Lakeland Bothy Neil Whittaker 1st Jordan Rose Bowl  
  Family Bath Time Linda Spate 1st George Lord Trophy   Buffalo Boy Janet Tierney 2nd  
  Jessie Neil Whittaker 1st Coop Camera Centre Cupo   Scunthorpe RUFC Over the Line Bill Rhoades 1st Rowley Cup  
  Toby Neil Whittaker 2nd   Disrespect-Drinking in the Graveyard Nigel Padley 2nd  
  I Think I’ve Gone Over the Top with the Earrings Paul Fawcett 3rd   Determination Neil Whittaker 3rd  
  Grave Boy Paul Fawcett HC       MONO PRINTS NATURE  
      DIGITAL PHOTOJOURNALISM   Bison Bill Rhoades Camera Club Cup  
  Rugby Final - Stopped for Blood Bill Rhoades 1st Camera Club Cup   Juvenile Spoonbill Alkboro Flats Maria Rhoades 2nd  
  Pipers Farewell John Naylor 2nd       BEST MONO IN COMPETITION  
  For the High Jump Neil Whittaker 3rd   Poignant Penarth Neil Whittaker Palfreman Cup  
  The Coice Neil Whittaker HC          
  Roman Centurian Carved by Martin Healy Bill Rhoades 1st Brook Cupo   Land Chapel St. Josephs Porta Delgado Azores Janet Tierney 1st Camera Cup  
  Golden Dragon Bronze Neil Whittaker 2nd   Picture at at Exhibition John Marris 2nd  
  Fennel Janet Tierney 3rd   My Angle on the Angel John Marris 3rd  
  Shop Windows Display Maria Rhoades HC       COLOUR PRINTS PORTRAIT  
      DIGITAL CREATIVE   Luke Neil Whittaker 1st Reg Henry Tray  
  Twilight Tree Neil Whittaker 1st Reg Cook Cup   Yvette Neil Whittaker 2nd  
  A Water Drop Russ Yarrow 2nd   Old Lady of Jaiselmer Janet Tierney 3rd  
  Balloon Pop Russ Yarrow 3rd   Cousins Janet Tierney Commended  
      DIGITAL PICTORIAL   Catherine Colin Hucklesby Commended  
  Dartmoor Memorial Neil Whittaker 1st Mart Cup       COLOUR PRINT PICTORIAL  
  Banner Fish on Wreck John Naylor 2nd   Dales Sunset Neil Whittaker 1st Peter Tryuk Trophy  
  The Gatekeeper Janet Tierney 3rd   Blue Boats at Dalon Janet Tierney 2nd  
  By Products at Night Paul Fawcett HC   Sheffield Park Colin Hucklesby 3rd  
  Puffing with Sandeels John Naylor 1st Kate Rushed Trophy   There Ain’t Nothing Like Four Dames Neil Whittaker 1st Reg Henry Salver  
  Barn Owl on Farmers Gatepost Maria Rhoades 2nd   Three of Clubs Neil Whittaker 2nd  
  Kingfisher Fishing Glenn Wigglesworth 3rd   Jousting Colin Hucklesby 3rd  
  Dragonfly John Naylor HC       COLOUR PRINTS NATURE  
      BEST DIGITAL IMAGE   Highland Stag on the Snowline Bill Rhoades 1st Saunders Cup  
  Durdle Dore Sunset Neil Whittaker Duncan Hill Cup   Wild Flamingo Feeding Joyce Campling 2nd  
          Pair of Common Blue Butterfies Maria Rhoades 3rd  
          The Hunt Neil Whittaker BEST COLOUR PRINT- BRADSHAW CUP  
          The Hunt Neil Whittaker BEST PRINT FRANK MARSHAL TROPHY