The second bi monthly competition was held on 27 April.   

It was judged by Lynn Haith, with the following results:-  




Author Points

Mono Prints


The tea stall proprietor Janet Tierney 19
Reach for the Sky Liz Sercombe 18
Colour Prints    
Falling Leaves John Smith 17
Weapons of Mass Destruction John Smith 17
Old lady - Jaselmer Janet Tierney 20
Squirrel Bill Kandola 20
Chapel Porth Sunset Neil Whittaker 19
Highland Stag Bill Rhoades 19
Rievauld Ruins Liz Sercombe 19
Egret Nigel Padley 18
Long trek home Maria Rhoades 18
Zoe Neil Whittaker 18
Digital Images    
Yorkshire Park Pete Spate 17
Monkeying Around Bill Rhoades 20
Stand Off Maria Rhoades 19
The Gate keeper Janet Tierney 19
Coloured Glass Maria Rhoades 18
Dragonfly Flygia Amazonica Janet Tierney 18
Lunchtime Joyce Campling 18