The first bi monthly competition was held on 10 February.

It was judged by John Whaler, with the following results:-  

  Image Author Points
  Mono Prints    
  Late Autumn Sun John Smith 18
  Eye Eye John Smith 18
  Figure Study Neil Whittaker 20
  Time for a Nap Bill Rhoades 20
  Northern Tower - Humber Bridge John Marris 19
  Fag Break Janet Tierney 19
  Fountains Abbey Janet Tierney 19
  Colour Prints    
  Evening Stillness John Makin 20
  The Pipes are Calling John Smith 18
  Fourteen Pointer Bill Rhoades 20
  Raven Haired Beauty Neil Whittaker 20
  Red Hair Janet Tierney 20
  Steam Train Colin Hucklesby 20
  Blue Boats at Dawn Janet Tierney 19
  Catherine Colin Hucklesby 18
  Digital Images    
  Lincoln Cathedral John Smith 20
  Bamborough Castle John Smith 18
  Kingfisher with Fish Bill Rhoades 20
  I Think I’ve gone over the top with the Earrings Paul Fawcett 19
  Grave Boy Paul Fawcett 18