Competition No 4 held 5th October 2016
Judge George Malionsky
Image Author Points
Mono Prints    
Dave Eileen Davis 20
Roll Out the Barrel John Smith 19
Burton Agnes Hall Barbara Scott 18
Mono Prints    
Rugby Tackle Bill Rhoades 20
Suzy Neil Whittaker 20
Stairwell John Marris 19
Two Locks on a chain Nigel Padley 19
Rievaux Abbey Janet Tierney 18
Shadow Above the Bridge Colin Hucklesby 18
Colour Print    
Elise Eileen Davis 20
York Minster Pete Spate 18
Colour Prints    
Playtime in the Snow Maria Rhoades 20
Camilla Neil Whittaker 20
Barn Owl Bill Rhoades 19
Pair of Common Blue Maria Rhoades 19
Little Grebe Joyce Campling 18
Martha Makes Mistakes Nigel Padley 18
Digital Images    
Bow Fiddle Rock Linda Spate 20
Brambles Barbara Scott 19
Megan Eileen Davis 18
Digital Images    
Egret Joyce Campling 20
Durdle Dore at Sunset Neil Whittaker 20
No More Work Paul Fawcett 19
Man and Bouy Neil Whittaker 19
Coot Clive Campling 19
Sundown on the Wind Turbines Paul Fawcett 18
Puffin with Sand Eels John Naylor 18
Light Painting Spirograph Russ Yarrow 18
Barn Owl on Farmer’s Gate Post Maria Rhoades 18