The third bi monthly competition was held on 13 July      
It was judged by David Hollingsworth with the following results:-      
Image Author Points      
Mono Prints          
The Caps John Smith 19      
Barge Winding Gear John Smith 17      
Mono Prints          
Going Head to Head Bill Rhoades 20      
Fishwife, Mindelho Janet Tierney 19      
Rivaulx Janet Tierney 19      
Admiration Maria Rhoades 18      
Contemplation Colin Hucklesby 18      
Emma Neil Whittaker 18      
Light and shadow Neil Whittaker 18      
Over the Line Bill Rhoades 18      
Tudor Dwelling Colin Hucklesby 18      
Colour Print          
White on White John Smith 18      
Not Just Any Socks….. John Smith 17      
Colour Prints          
Carmen Neil Whittaker 20      
Kestrel with Fish Maria Rhoades 19      
The Three of Clubs Neil Whittaker 19      
Kingfisher with Newt Bill Rhoades 18      
Wild Flamingo Geeding Joyce Campling 18      
Digital Images          
Stand up Orange Poppy Norma George 20      
Standing Stones John Makin 18      
Digital Images          
Portrait of a Male Crested Grebe Bill Kandola 20      
Bempton Cliffs Paul Fawcett 19      
Broad Banded Chaser Bill Rhoades 19      
Busy Bee Working Joyce Campling 18      
Fiery Angel Neil Whittaker 18      
Red Deer Hind Maria Rhoades 18      
Take Off Bill Rhoades 18      
Village Girls Janet Tierney 18