The Annual Competition was held on 5 December, and judged by Ray Brammell. 

Mick Ward presented the silver trophies for the winning entries in both the Annual competition, and the trophies for the points accumulated in the bi monthly competitions. 

Award winners this year were:-


The Finishing Line Neil Whittaker  
Llandudno Pier Peter Needham  
Beginners  Winner Awarded Intermediate Section Cup
Chester clock Barbara Needham 1st
Glenfinnan viaduct Barbara Needham 2nd
Pictorial Winner Awarded Jordan Rose Bowl
Llandudno Pier Peter Needham 1st
Roots Brian Woolhouse 2nd
Kings Cross Janet Tierney 3rd
Winter in Burnsall John Smith HC
Groyne at Felixstowe Peter Needham C
Lindisfarne Castle Brian Woolhouse C
Record Winner Awarded Schofield Trophy
Riverside Craft Centre Brian Woolhouse 1st
Balconies on hotel Peter Needham 2nd
St. Johns, Tideswell Ian Doctor 3rd
We will remember them (National Memorial Arboretum) John Smith C
 Portrait               Winner Awarded Elkington Cup
Time for reflection Barbara Scott 1st
Claudia Neil Whittaker 2nd
At Crowle 1940s festival David Hornsby 3rd
Eyes on Brian Woolhouse HC
PC 663 Brian Woolhouse HC
Labourer Barbara Scott C
Photojournalism Winner Awarded Rowley Cup
Pickering Railway at war Brian Woolhouse 1st
Racing in the rain Bill Rhoades 2nd
Churchill visits Pickering Railway at war Brian Woolhouse 3rd
Allies at rest Bill Kandola C
Scunthorpe's Danny Drayton David Hornsby C
Natural History Winner Awarded Camera Club Cup
Barn Owl Bill Rhoades 1st
Egret with catch Maria Rhoades 2nd
Bi Monthly Award Tray - Mono Brian Woolhouse  
End of the Pier Brian Woolhouse  
Beginners Winner Awarded George Lord Trophy
Flower power Elaine Robinson 1st
Conch shell Barbara Needham 2nd
Barcelona's finest Elaine Robinson 3rd
Pictorial Winner Awarded Peter Tryuk Trophy
End of the pier Brian Woolhouse 1st
Glencoe Peter Needham 2nd
Sunset view along Stanage Edge David Hornsby 3rd
Jurassic Lakes Brian Woolhouse HC
Cat in the window David Hornsby C
Millenium Bridge at dusk Neil Whittaker C
The high jump Neil Whittaker C
Record Winner Awarded Camera Club Cup tall
Central tower, Lincoln Cathedral John Smith 1st
Detail, east window, York Minster Janet Tierney 2nd
Corner House, Beuvron en Auge Barbara Scott 3rd
Side aisle, St. Pierre, Chauvigny Janet Tierney HC
Liverpool Library Colin Hucklesby C
Normanton Church Colin Hucklesby C
Portrait Winner Awarded Reg Henry Tray
Airborne Brian Woolhouse 1st
Steampunk fantasy Neil Whittaker 2nd
The weatherman Neil Whittaker 3rd
The stare Brian Woolhouse HC
Thinking of home Bill Kandola C
Photojournalism Winner Awarded Reg Henry Cup
The finishing line Neil Whittaker 1st
Two 2018 Grand Tour winners passing through Egmonton David Hornsby 2nd
Don't spare the horses Neil Whittaker 3rd
Loading containers at Felixstowe Peter Needham HC
Off-stump gone Bill Rhoades C
Natural History Winner Awarded Saunders Trophy
Highland red stag on the snow line Bill Rhoades 1st
Female barn owl Bill Rhoades 2nd
Gathering of puffins Brian Woolhouse 3rd
Four-spotted chaser Clive Campling HC
Male sparrowhawk Joyce Campling HC
Swan Clive Campling C
Bi Annual Trophy - Colour Brian Woolhouse  
Banded Demoiselle Joyce Campling  
Beginners Winner awarded Club Goblet
Cliff side cave, Sorento Eileen Davis 1st
I lost my path Norma George 2nd
Red arrows Eileen Davis 3rd
Pictorial Winner awarded Mart Club
On reflection Maria Rhoades 1st
Time to roost Maria Rhoades 2nd
Stunt rider in action Neil Whittaker 3rd
Falls of Falloch Peter Needham HC
Fine balance Brian Woolhouse HC
Amsterdam by night Neil Whittaker C
Orange flower arrangement Barbara Scott C
Record Winner Awarded Brooke Cup
Interior of Charles de Boromeo, Hull David Hornsby 1st
Barclay's Bank, Beamish Brian Woolhouse 2nd
Round memoriam window, Lincoln David Hornsby 3rd
Detail, altar panel, Copenhagen cathedral Janet Tierney C
Portrait Winner Awarded Co op Camera Centre Cup
GI Joe Brian Woolhouse 1st
Lizzie Janet Tierney 2nd
Dick - Scunthorpe's steam punk David Hornsby 3rd
Lady in red Brian Woolhouse HC
Lucy Neil Whittaker C
Photojournalism Winner Awarded Camera Club Cup small
At Old Hall in the rain David Hornsby 1st
Tour de Yorkshire Neil Whittaker 2nd
Sidecare, Cadwell Maria Rhoades 3rd
Hard tackle Bill Rhoades HC
The horse was having none of it Neil Whittaker C
Natural History Winner Awarded Kate Rushden Trophy
Banded Demoiselle Joyce Campling 1st
Gannet Neil Whittaker 2nd
Greylags mating Joyce Campling 3rd
Mother and infant baboon Maria Rhoades HC
Skipper Joyce Campling HC
Nuthatch Bill Rhoades C
Young thrushes Brian Woolhouse C
Bi Annual Trophy - Digital Bill Rhoades 1=
  Brian Woolhouse 1=
Creative Winner Awarded Duncan Hill Trophy
Whitby by night Neil Whittaker 1st
Night rider Neil Whittaker 2nd
Bullseye David Hornsby 3rd


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