Comp No 3 4th April 2018
Judge: Howard Tate
Image Author Score
Mono Prints    
Chester Clock Barbara Needham 15
Mono Prints    
Cloister Font evraud Janet Tierney 19
Allies at Rest Bill Kandola 18
Face in the Garage Window Brian Woolhouse 18
Labourer Bill Kandola 18
Taking a Break Neil Whittaker 18
The Task Room Janet Tierney 18
Breakwater Peter Needham 17
Exhibit at Cambridge Museum Maria Rhoades 17
Colour Prints    
Sky High David Hornsby 20
Red Stag on the Snow Line, Highland Bill Rhoades 19
The End of the Pier Brian Woolhouse 19
Thinking of Home Bill Kandola 19
Kestrel Joyce Campling 18
Laura Neil Whittaker 18
The Knave, Lincoln Cathedral John Smith 18
With Sprinkles Please John Smith 18
Arctic Animals at Chinese Light Show, Leeds Pete Spate 17
Arrows, Purple Haze Steve Croucher 17
Great White Egret with Fish Joyce Campling 17
Leaders of the Pack Janet Tierney 17
Digital Images    
In Head First David Hornsby 19
Moment of Impact Bill Rhoades 19
The Stare Brian Woolhouse 19
Bllur Hour at Salsey Neil Whittaker 18
Louth Photoshoot - Planning Next Shot David Hornsby 18
“Reckon He Fancies Me, Chuck” Janet Tierney 18
A Sense of Abandonment Janet Tierney 17
Abandoned Brian Woolhouse 17
Dartmoor Sunset Neil Whittaker 17
Flower Arrangement Barbara Scott 17
Hard Tackle Bill Rhoades 17
Peacock Butterfly Barbara Scott 17