Comp No 2 14 March 2018
Digital Close up/Macro Judged by Steve Woolcock
Image Author Score
Slow Going Norma George 19
Hoverfly Joyce Campling 20
Mother and Infant YWP Maria Rhoades 20
On Balance Brian Woolhouse 20
Beetle Maria Rhoades 19
Daisy Barbara Scott 19
Gorse Nigel Padley 19
Harris Hawk Bill Rhoades 19
Male Orange Tip Butterfly Maria Rhoades 19
Red Deer Stag Bill Rhoades 19
Red rose in France peeking through the fence Linda Spate 19
Yellow Flower Barbara Scott 19
Allacus Atlas Moth - the largest moth in the world Linda Spate 18
Banded Damoiselle Joyce Campling 18
Emotion Brian Woolhouse 18
Goint to Press Neil Whittaker 18
Juvenile Coot Clive Campling 18
Mirrored Reflection Gerbera with Vase Pete Spate 18
Pondsketer Joyce Campling 18
Skipper Joyce Campling 18
Water Lily - Fiji  Ian Doctor 18