Sunset stroll

On 21 September the club welcomed judge Cameron Thompson to the last of this seasons competitions before the Annual.

Judging over  70 images, Cameron gave constructive comments on each image and marked them to determine the final winners.

Thank you to everyone who entered their images, and provided an evening of great photography,

The final winners were ....




Competition no. 4 held on 21 September 2022 Judge: Cameron Thompson
Beginners Mono Digital    
Toast to the bride & groom Neil Cook 17
Advanced Colour Digital    
Sunset stroll Neil Whittaker 20
House sparrow Russ Yarrow 19
Watching over you Paul Fawcett 19
Fountains Abbey Paul Fawcett 18
Hard graft at the sulphur mine Neil Whittaker 18
Toothpick Russ Yarrow 18
Family life Ruth Holt 17
Leg stump gone Bill Rhoades 17
Step over Bill Rhoades 17
Advanced Mono Digital    
Bass in the Basement Neil Whittaker 19
Black Beauty Neil Whittaker 18
Please, mummy! Janet Tierney 17
Tap and shower Maria Rhoades 17
Usually so colourful Ruth Holt 17
Advanced Mono Prints    
From the dawn of time Neil Whittaker 18
I'm sure I left it here Richard Lloyd 18
Sandstone pillars, Ripon Cathedral Janet Tierney 18
Big hat, big beard Richard Lloyd 17
Advanced Colour Prints    
Egret hunting in reeds Richard Lloyd 19
Garden spider, waiting for lunch to arrive Maria Rhoades 19
Gentleman Jack Neil Whittaker 19
Steampunk splendour Neil Whittaker 19
Bowled Bill Rhoades 18
Carnations and honeysuckle Janet Tierney 17