On 29th November the club began the highlight of the club's competition season The Annual Competition.

This first evening was devoted to print entries. These were judged by Ray Brammall, who revealed his choices accompanied by valuable, erudite comments.

On 6th December the club saw the the judging of the dpi entries by Stephen Dean. Stephen gave constructive comments on each image and marked them to determine the final winners.

The presentation of the silver trophies took place on 13 December.  Club President Colin Hucklesby presented the silver trophies for the winning entries in both the Annual competition, and the trophies for the points accumulated in the bi monthly competitions. 

Well done to everybody who received an award, and thanks to you all for supporting this competition, providing two evenings of great photography.

Award winners this year were….


Bittern taking off Richard Lloyd  
In the Cloisters Neil Whittaker  
In the Cloisters Neil Whittaker 1st
A lightbulb moment Neil Whittaker 2nd
Watching the visitors Janet Tierney 3rd
The boardwalk Neil Whittaker HC
At the gallery Janet Tierney HC
Birds of a feather Mark Fulbrook HC
Cosmos Neil Whittaker C
Humber Bridge wends its way Colin Hucklesby C
Just listen to Grandad Janet Tierney C
Winter's last breath Maria Rhoades C
Driving wheel and coupling rods Richard Lloyd 1st
Capital, west front, Thouars Cathedral Janet Tierney 2nd
The Stonemason's Apprentice, wood carving, Fontevraude Abbey Janet Tierney 3rd
Roof at Kings Cross Neil Cook HC
Henllys' Furnace waterwheel Steven Woods C
Mathew Neil Whittaker 1st
Maddie Mark Fulbrook 2nd
Ready for action Neil Cook 3rd
Francis Neil Whittaker C
Out in front Neil Whittaker 1st
Take the strain Neil Whittaker 2nd
Scored the winning try Maria Rhoades 3rd
Natural History    
On hare alert Mark Fulbrook 1st
Grey squirrel Richard Lloyd 2nd
Little egret preening Janet Tierney 3rd
Bi Monthly Award Tray - Mono prints Neil Whittaker  
Bittern taking off Richard Lloyd  
The seagull Neil Whittaker 1st
Ullswater boathouse Steve Woods 2nd
Calla Lily Neil Whittaker 3rd
Balanced diet Steve Woods HC
Sunflower Neil Whittaker HC
Tea at six bells Mark Fullbrook HC
Flamborough North Landing Steve Woods C
Lazy Monday Janet Tierney C
Screwtopia Steve Woods C
Watching you watching me Peter Wright C
Whitby red Martin Joy C
Fragmentary medieval painted glass, Holy Trinity, Tattershall Janet Tierney 1st
Corby Rocker by Jason Wilsher-Mills (YSP) Richard Lloyd 2nd
Oil rig, Nigg Bay Janet Tierney 3rd
Cromarty lighthouse Janet Tierney C
Julian Neil Whittaker 1st
Edward Neil Whittaker 2nd
George Richard Lloyd 3rd
Foxy Lady Neil Whittaker HC
Jake Richard Lloyd C
Trying hard Bill Rhoades 1st
Final display by Avro Vulcan XH588 with Red Arrows Richard Lloyd 2nd
Eco-demonstration by St. Aubain school, Guerande Janet Tierney 3rd
Going for the points Bill Rhoades C
Natural History  
Bittern taking off Richard Lloyd 1st
Hiding in the long grass Mark Fullbrook 2nd
Little egret landing Janet Tierney 3rd
Female kingfisher with food for the chicks Bill Rhoades HC
Great crested grebe and chick Janet Tierney HC
Grey heron displaying Richard Lloyd C
The belly flop Peter Wright C
Bi Annual Trophy - Colour prints Neil Whittaker  
Stormtrooper Neil Whittaker  
Sunset in Gdansk Ruth Holt 1st
Skye pinnacles Neil Whittaker 2nd
Canary grass Ruth Holt 3rd
Godrevy lighthouse and coastline Richard Lloyd HC
Autumn sunshine at Blea Tarn Kevin Ives HC
Angel sunset Neil Whittaker C
Fireworks at the Rugby Club Bill Rhoades C
Surfing at sunset Peter Wright C
Tenby Harbour Kevin Ives C
Victorian ladies Maria Rhoades C
The dragon of Rawmarsh Ruth Holt 1st
Corby totems sculpture, Yorkshire Sculpture Park Richard Lloyd 2nd
Classical niche statue, Wentworth Woodhouse Janet Tierney 3rd
Dam overflow wall at Ladybower reservoir Richard Lloyd C
Millenium bridge Kevin Ives C
Stormtrooper Neil Whittaker 1st
Steampunk poser Kevin Ives 2nd
Agatha Neil Whittaker 3rd
I'm on my travels Richard Lloyd HC
Man in leather Richard Lloyd HC
John Maria Rhoades C
Alphas enjoying tug of war during half time Maria Rhoades 1st
NHS v GPs charity match Bill Rhoades 2nd
Gospel singers Neil Whittaker 3rd
Climate change protest march: the Nantes eco-drummers Janet Tierney HC
Cleaning City windows Neil Cook C
Scunthorpe Ladies v Doncaster battle it out for the championship Bill Rhoades C
The Stunt Runner entertaining crowds at Lincoln Maria Rhoades C
Haymaking in the summer Jim Rowlands C
Natural History  
Bittern on the ice Bill Rhoades 1st
Male linnet eating seeds Janet Tierney 2nd
Blue tit with worm Bill Kandola 3rd
Male sparrow and fledgling Neil Cook HC
Male Kingfisher Bill Rhoades HC
Gannet collecting nest material Richard Lloyd HC
Goldfinch take-off Peter Wright C
Snipe in evening sunlight Janet Tierney C
Bowled Bill Rhoades 1st
Jake Richard Lloyd 2nd
A moment in time Maria Rhoades 3rd
Cross over the river Peter Wright HC
Driver and stoker Neil Cook HC
Monty Ruth Holt HC
Water Fascination Neil Cook HC
From the dawn of time Neil Whittaker C
St Mary's church, Kirkby Lonsdale Richard Lloyd C
Bi Annual Trophy - Mono digital Mark Fulbrook  
Bi Annual Trophy - Colour digital Mark Fulbrook  
Red rivet Neil Whittaker 1st
Mute swan Mark Fulbrook 2nd
Victorious Maria Rhoades 3rd
Fruit splash Kevin Ives HC
Last days of the roses Ruth Holt HC
Maddy and the magic mushroom Mark Fulbrook C