The first round of this seasons bi monthly competitions took place on 21 February and was judged by Jorj Malinowsky.

This was a tough competition, but Jorj managed to get through over 100  images, and awarded marks out of 20 which will be added to this season's accumulated total. 

Thanks to everybody who entered and made this an entertaining evening .Our thanks also to Jorj for his excellent judging,  making both  informative and constructive comments in an entertainining way.

The winners were….

Competition no. 1 held on 21 Feb 2024 Judge: Jorj Malinowsky
Title Author Score
Advanced Colour Digital    
Female Blackbird feeding on berries Bill Rhoades 20
Goodbye Autumn, hello Winter Maria Rhoades 20
Bittern take off Richard Lloyd 19
Globe Thistle Mark Fullbrook 19
Life's a drag Steve Woods 19
Cauldron Falls Kevin Ives 18
Fighting Peacocks Mark Fullbrook 18
Ladies enjoying Sunday afternoon Rugby Bill Rhoades 18
  Richard Lloyd 18
Advanced Mono Digital    
Glass tower Mark Fullbrook 20
Industrial Strength Richard Lloyd 19
Stranded Neil Whittaker 19
Flambourgh lighthouse IR Russ Yarrow 18
Julie Paul Fawcett 18
Mathew Paul Fawcett 18
Advanced Colour Prints    
Ready to strike Richard Lloyd 20
Hard Times Neil Whittaker 20
Cleethorpe's Lightshade Steve Woods 19
Lincoln Steampunk Neil Cook 19
Frosty Garden Rose Neil Cook 19
Derelict Cottages Blyborough Mark Fullbrook 18
One of the Few Richard Lloyd 18
Advanced Mono Prints    
Face Off Richard Lloyd 20
Cheery Chappy Neil Whittaker 19
Run Aground Neil Whittaker 19
Silhouette in Goole Peter Ellse 18
Menai Peter Wright 18