The second bi monthly competition got under way on 1 May.

The club welcomed back Tony Houlden who gave excellent and detailed judging, marking over  90 images to determine the final winners.

Thank you to everyone who entered their images, and provided an evening of great photography,

The final winners were .... 

Competition No 2 held on 1st May 2024 Judge Tony Houlden
Title Author Score
Colour Digital    
Male Linnet eating seeds Janet Tierney 20
Stairway to heaven Peter Wright 20
Diamonds are forever Maria Rhoades 19
Last two Exhausters standing Appleby coke ovens Paul Fawcett 19
Reflections of St Pauls Cathedral Richard Lloyd 19
Tulips Mark Fullbrook 19
Turn that light off Steve Woods 19
Dunnet head storm sweeping in from Hoy Janet Tierney 18
In Time Neil Cook 18
Like Father and Son Paul Fawcett 18
Newgale beach Kevin Ives 18
Purple flowers Mark Fullbrook 18
Tigers Bill Rhoades 18
Waxwing collecting berries Bill Kandola 18
Mono Digital    
One of the few Richard Lloyd 20
Alnmouth Ruin Neil Whittaker 19
Cellarium at Fountains Abbey Kevin Ives 19
Day before closure Appleby coke ovens Paul Fawcett 19
Down on his luck Mark Fullbrook 18
Long ride home Neil Whittaker 18
Midnight Fountain Paul Fawcett 18
Otter pup feeding Maria Rhoades 18
Storm approaching Innisboffin Janet Tierney 18
Under the Motorway Steve Woods 18
Colour Prints    
Title   Score
Flower and Ink Steve Woods 20
Noble Rot Janet Tierney 20
Petals Mark Fullbrook 20
Madam Butterfly Richard Lloyd 19
Steam Punk Fire-eater Paul Fawcett 19
Basket of Flowers Neil Cook 18
Kingfisher Richard Lloyd 18
Life's a Drag Steve Woods 18
Tobermory Neil Cook 18
Mono Prints    
Title   Score
Grey Squirel feeding Richard Lloyd 20
We'll meet again Neil Whittaker 20
Eddie Neil Whittaker 19
Face off Richard Lloyd 18
Modern Architecture Ruth Holt 18
Stark Steve Woods 18
Top of the Scott Monument Anna Holt 18