A key feature of our programme is the competitions; a regular one is held every alternate month.

Members are divided into two categories. ‘advanced’ and ‘beginners’.

All new members to the club have the choice of joining either the beginners or advanced competition group. If they choose to join the beginners they can move to the advanced group at the start of the next competition year. They need to inform the competition secretary that they wish to change groups. Their competition number will change from. i.e. 66B  to 66.  All new members will be given a competition number when they commence entering competitions, the number to be followed by a B for the beginners group.

The beginners section is open to anyone who has not won a trophy at club level. All members are free to move directly into the advance section. Advance members cannot move back to the beginners section.

Each competition is divided into 3 sections:-

1.  Monochrome prints

2.  Colour prints

3.  Digital Images

The club also has two stand alone digital competitions based on a set theme.

Finally we have the Annual competition at the end of the season where members submit their best work of the year