In all future digitally projected image competitions the club will be using a new piece of software called Magic Lantern.

Images will be projected at a maximum pixel size of 1920 wide x1080 high  You need to know that if your image is portrait shape, tall and narrow the tallest side can only be 1080 high, this may well mean that the width may not be 1920 but that does not matter. If you size the height more than 1080 you may find that the top or bottom may be cut off.

After resizing the image the image the canvass should be extended to fit the full 1920 x 1080 image size. A simple 1 or 2 pixel white or mid-grey stroke and a black canvass extension looks good.

Having prepared your images title  as you want them to be, add a hyphen and your competition number at the end. Now save them as flattened JPEGs in a separate folder.

When the files are submitted, simply name the files with your competition number and with a, b, c to denote preference order. If the

Please note that when we display the top scoring images in the future we will display the names of the authors automatically.

The Competition Secretary is happy to help with any problems with this new procedure