The fifth bi monthly competition was held on 1 October.

It was judged by John Whaler, with the following results:-  

  IMAGE                                                   AUTHOR
              MONO PRINTS    
       Museum Quarter       Babbling Brook Brian Woolhouse
Pictures at the Exhibition Robin Witting 20
Catch Up Maria Rhoades 17
Goodbye, goodbye Janet Tierney 17
  Museum Quarter Maria Rhoades 17
  Roman Legionary Robin Witting 17
    Its hard work being a lion  COLOUR PRINTS    
Its hard work being a lion Clive Campling 18
The Chase Clive Campling 17
                 Comma  Street Clown Robin Witting 20
Keep the trainers dry Maria Rhoades 19
Rutting Stag Bill Rhoades 18
Comma Janet Tierney 17
Swallowtail on oreganum Janet Tierney 17
     Fungi 1  Beginners  
45428 at Grosmont Station Clive Campling 18
Fungi 1 Ian Wilkins 16
Female Common Blue Janet Tierney 19
  Chesterfield Canal Russ Yarrow 18
  Running the mare Janet Tierney 18
     Tell them of Us Tell them of Us John Marris 18
Bluetit entering nest Joyce Campling 17
Cadwell Park track day Russ Yarrow 17
Four-spot Chaser & Damselfly Bill Rhoades 17
Triple-X Typhoon Bill Rhoades 17