I have been given old copies of the Royal Photographic Society's Journal and found some interesting articles and 'news' and comments some of which I found amusing.  I hope you enjoy reading them..................


The copies start in September 1987, and there are some missing. Readers can access the RPS Journal archives using the URL, and going to publications & then to archives,using the volume & page references will aid the search!.

My comments are posted in green and I stress that these are my thoughts, and not the official policy of the Scunthorpe Camera Club.

September 1987.

An article in this issue on the “new” video systems being introduced, and reminded me that there were different systems, Video 8 , VHS C format, Super VHS and the whisper of a new 'super Betamax'.


In another piece the issue of cost was raised quoting the price of a broadcast standard video camera was in the region of £40,000, while an editing suite would cost upwards of £250,000


How technology has moved on!


In the “sales & want” page I spotted a request for David Bailey's “box of Pin-ups” and a JVC 'three tube video camera, £4500 for quick sale”


From the December 1987 issue a mention of Scunthorpe Camera Club holding the RPS 1987 International Print Exhibition at the Scunthorpe Library, with the official opening to be held on the 13th January with a wine & cheese reception.

Also in this issue, in the letters column, were two contributions which I think are worth noting.

The first from Maurice Wooller FRPS about 'falsehood in photography' where he commented on photographs. One where “the sky is false, but does not offend. The photographer has used artistic licence, the effect is deliberate & essential to the message, and can be applauded”. Another photo contained a rainbow which he states “the rainbow is false but presented as fact, because a rainbow can only be seen when looking away from the sun.

The comment on a third photo is really a discussion point I would like in the our club. “the presentation of vertical lines as converging which,in truth,are parrallel is also false”.

My thought - if horizontal lines can converge , I think it is called perspective, then why not vertical lines?


In a more humerous vain another contributor, from a new member, praises the Journal for its content, and comments on the Distinctions with which some members are dismayed. But he says don't worry award yourselves your own. He has awarded himself the 'WWP' ( Worlds Worst Photographer).







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