The fourth bi monthly competition was held on 23 July.

It was judged by Peter Cheetham, with the following results:-  

  IMAGE                                                   AUTHOR
              MONO PRINTS    
  Getting out of the Stables Clive Campling 18
                            Donna     Advanced    
 Spending Time Alison Woolhouse
Donna John Marris 18
Wehrmacht soldier  Brian Woolhouse 18
Wave Length Robin Witting


  Ancient arches Phillip Ewen 16
           Gannets in training               The Poser Brian Woolhouse 19
Juvenile gannets in training Bill Rhoades 18
Newly emerged southern darter Bill Rhoades 18
Fiddler on the hoof Robin Witting 18
Boy Wonder Alison Woolhouse 17
Radio silence Alison Woolhouse 17
            Conisbrough Castle Infrared         Hero Ian Wilkins 19
Round the Outside Bill Kandola 17
Yellowhammer Bill Kandola 17
Conisbrough Castle infrared Russ Yarrow 18
Full Stops Robin Witting 16
  Vase of Tulips Maria Rhoades 16