The first bi monthly competition was held on 11 February.

It was judged by Colin Lusby, with the following results:-  

  IMAGE                                                   AUTHOR
              MONO PRINTS    
            Playing the Blues Playing the Blues Robin Witting
St Andrew Church, Kirton Lindsey Maria Rhoades 19
Ash Roy Featherstone 17
Wet Sunday, Hasting Old Town Janet Tierney 17
                   Ghost of Summer Past       COLOUR PRINTS    
 Emerging Hawker drying off Bill Rhoades 20
The Ghost of Summer Past Sue Beasley 20
I've nailed it ! Robin Witting 19
Mum's new dress Sue Beasley 18
Sunset Maria Rhoades 18
Robin Nigel Padley 18
  Harvest Mouse David Hewson 20
     Indian Silverbill eating seeds Mute swan preening Bill Rhoades 20
Accidents do happen Maria Rhoades 19
Coco the Clown Robin Witting 18
Eternal Devotion Sue Beasley 18
Indian Silverbill eating seeds Joyce Campling 18