The second bi monthly competition was held on 29 April.

It was judged by David Neve, with the following results:-  

  IMAGE                                                   AUTHOR
              MONO PRINTS    
                  Winter in the Park Morris Dancer Neil Whittaker
Anna Neil Whittaker 19
Winter in the Park Maria Rhoades 18
The Scoop and beyond Maria Rhoades 18
  Winter Berries Emma Harvey 18
                 Ruflfled Merlin  Julie Neil Whittaker 20
Purple Fantasy Sue Beasley 20
Merlin David Hewson 19
Dawn Break over Toronto Liz Sercombe 19
Ruffled Merlin Bill Rhoades 19
  Solitary Snowdrop John Marris 19
     St Pauls + iconic red bus Goldfinch on teasel Bill Rhoades 18
Sea Otters

David Hewson

Storm Brewing

Neil Whittaker

St Pauls & Iconic Red Bus

Maria Rhoades

War time shelter Victoria Citadel

Liz Sercombe

        Reflections  DIGITAL FILES    
Reflections Bill Kandola 20
Blackbird on Post Nigel Padley 17
Dreamer Bill Kandola 17
Carnival Queen Neil Whittaker 20
        Secret Hideaway Secret Hideaway Maria Rhoades 20
Gannets David Hewson 19
Harvest Mice Davie Hewson 19
Kingfisher John Naylor 19
Lemon Butterfly fish John Naylor 19
Kingfisher with fish Bill Rhoades 18
Prism 1  John Marris 18
Towards Adventure Sue Beasley 18