As members of both NEMPF and LPA the camera club and its members are elegible to enter several prestigous competitons.
 The LPA is the Lincolnshire Photographic Association which the club and therefore the club members are a part of. Competitions include  the Foster Trophy Colour challenges , the Battles and POTY.

N&EMPF is the North and East Midlands Photographic Federation which the club is also a member of..

LPA Inter-club digital competition. If you have any digital images that have scored 18 and above over the past year please either email them to me or bring them on a memory stick. Also, if you have any digital image you wish to be considered for the competition let our compeitition secretary have them too.  The close off date for these 30 September 2015
LPA Photographer of the Year Competition. This is open to anyone who cares to enter. (No selection committee).  A panel of three prints with a connecting theme is required.   All photos need to be mounted in a 50x40 board that most of us use now, but the photo can be a size of your choice.  The close off date again is 30 September. Here a some of the rules:
An entry in any section will be a panel of three individual images on a theme (any theme chosen by the author); the panel should carry a title. Each image should be marked clearly Left, Centre, Right, carry the panel title and include author’s name.
3 A member of an LPA affiliated club may submit unlimited number of entries but listed in order of preference in case too many entries are received. The organiser reserves the right to reduce entry accordingly, (each comprising of three individual photographs) in any of the two sections.
4 Titles should not exceed 48 characters including spaces.
5 The maximum mount size is 20” x 16”. Prints may be of any size, which fits the restriction. (Any mount exceeding this size will reject the panel containing it).
6 Any single entry, or re-print, or copy must not have been in the LPA POTY competition previously, this includes modifications from a previous entry or copies from slides onto prints, which is substantially the same. There is no age limit on entries in this competition.
NEMPF competiton/exhibition 2016 -  again is an open competition which every one may enter. There is a charge of £1 photo or digital image.  Again the close off date is 30 September. Here is further info for you:
  •   Individuals may submit up to 4 images in each class, which includes those images nominated for Club/Society awards
  •   One entry form per individual per class
  •   Entrants may represent only one Club/Society
  •   Entries significantly similar to those accepted in previous N&EMPF Exhibitions are not eligible, nor
    should the same, or significantly similar picture(s) be entered as print and projected image in the
    same Exhibition
  •   The original image/images must have been taken using a photographic process and all elements
    must be the entrant’s own images/work
Individual entries £1.00 per image to a maximum of £20 (including the individual panel of four images) - please pay to your club, who will then send a single cheque to N&EMPF.
      •   ONLY acceptable mount size 500mm x 400mm thickness up to 4mm all other sizes rejected
      •   Reverse of each print should detail in clear text:
o Title of Print
o Name of Author
o Name of Club/Society or Photographic Group
o Age on the closing date of entry (if under 25 years old)
It is important we are provided with a digital image of your prints so they are available for the PAGB Inter-federation Exhibition. The file is to be the same sizing as for the N&EMPF PDI below.
PDI Projected Image (including Print digital file)
      •   Individual entrants must provide your Club/Society Exhibition Secretary with digital file of your images to be placed on one single disc
      •   Image Size : All images must be submitted to project with an image size of 1400 x 1050 pixels
o Landscape format the image contained within maximum image size of 1400 pixels
o Portrait format the image should be no more than 1050 pixels in height
o Remaining unused area of the canvas should be filled with black, so that your image will project to its best advantage on screen
    •   Saved as a JPEG and recommended to be in SRGB colour profile
    •   File Name.