The third bi monthly competition was held on 15 July.

It was judged by Brian Gromett, with the following results:-  

  IMAGE                                                   AUTHOR
              MONO PRINTS    
  Remaiins along the Humber Remains across the Humber Nigel Padley 16
                Isobel       Rik Maria Rhoades
Strolling Home Neil Whittaker 20
Gaby Neil Whittaker 19
Isobel Roy Featherstone 19
Anthony Roy Featherstone 18
Caught in the Rain Maria Rhoades 18
Elizabeth Roy Featherstone 18
     Orange Tip Butterfly  COLOUR PRINTS    
Orange Tip Butterfly Nigel Padley 17
              Josie Neil Whittaker 20
  Luke Neil Whittaker 20
        Common Blue Butterfly      Shelter Under the Tree Maria Rhoades 20
Yorkshire Dales Sunset Neil Whittaker 19
Stocks Janet Tierney 18
The Old Greenhouse Sue Beasley 18
Common Blue Butterfly Nigel Padley 16
 Absolutely             Advanced  
Granny's memories Maria Rhoades 20
Absolutely Neil Whittaker 19
Heather Roy Featherstone 19
Maria Neil Whittaker 19
Hunting at Dusk Bill Rhoades 18
Megan Roy Featherstone 18