Competition No 1 held 1 Feb 2017
Judge: Grahame Dunken
Image Author Score
Mono Prints    
Chinese Dragon Flies Hiding in Lightening Flowers Pete Spate 20
The Road to Paradise John Makin 19
Mono Prints    
Monument - St. Andrews Church Joyce Campling 20
Boats at Chenonceau Janet Tierney 20
Terri Linda Spate 20
Jackdaw Bill Rhoades 19
Hard Graft Neil Whittaker 18
Spurn Point Light Colin Hucklesby 18
Victory Maria Rhoades 18
Colour Prints    
Archway of Shadows Steve Croucher 20
The Train Now Standing Steve Croucher 18
Colour Prints    
A Patch of Shade Janet Tierney 20
Heron with Bank Vole Bill Rhoades 20
Caernarfon Castle Colin Hucklesby 19
Dinner Time Barbara Scott 19
Amelia Neil Whittaker 18
Dunstanburgh Castle John Smith 18
Grey Squirel Clive Campling 18
Heart and Soul Neil Whittaker 18
Liberty Belle Barbara Scott 18
Red Kite in Flight Bill Kandola 18
Roberta John Marris 18
Tree with Mist Rolling in Maria Rhoades 18
Digital Images    
Swan in Blue Pete Spate 18
Digital Images    
Biscathorpe Russ Yarrow 20
Greylag John Naylor 20
Selfie Paul Fawcett 20
Sweet Lips Janet Tierney 20
Buzzard Take Off Joyce Campling 19
Hard Times Neil Whittaker 19
Jojo Barbara Scott 19
Kingfish with Catch Bill Kandola 19
Red Kite Bill Kandola 19
Beth Neil Whittaker 18
Clematis Seed John Marris 18
Heron Maria Rhoades 18
Juvenile Male Kingfisher Bill Rhoades 18
Lightpainting Spirograph Russ Yarrow 18
Short eared Owl Maria Rhoades 18
Sticky Lunch Clive Campling 18