The Annual Competition was held on 4 December, and judged by Sally Sallett

Club President Barbara Scott presented the silver trophies for the winning entries in both the Annual competition, and the trophies for the points accumulated in the bi monthly competitions. 

Award winners this year were:-


The Deep Eileen Davis  
Deep in thought Neil Whittaker  
Beginners  Winner Awarded Intermediate Section Cup
Broadway church Chris Cooper 1st
Pictorial Winner Awarded Jordan Rose Bowl
Bristol cityscape Neil Whittaker 1st
Cityscape Neil Whittaker 2nd
Structure of light John Marris 3rd
Limestone sunset Neil Whittaker HC
End of the pier Neil Whittaker C
Lakeside at Upton House John Marris C
Record Winner Awarded Schofield Trophy
Detail of porch column, Oleron cathedral Janet Tierney 1st
 Portrait               Winner Awarded Elkington Cup
Deep in thought Neil Whittaker 1st
Light & shade IV Neil Whittaker 2nd
Sian Maria Rhoades 3rd
Photojournalism Winner Awarded Rowley Cup
Taking the strain Neil Whittaker 1st
Oculus at rush hour David Hornsby 2nd
Bi Monthly Award Tray - Mono Neil Whittaker  
Confrontation in the locker room David Hornsby  
Beginners Winner Awarded George Lord Trophy
The Deep Eileen Davis 1st
Pictorial Winner Awarded Peter Tryuk Trophy
The Kelpies Neil Whittaker 1st
Mother and foal Maria Rhoades 2nd
Holy Island Neil Whittaker 3rd
Just call me Tiddles Janet Tierney HC
Salt and pepper Ian Doctor C
Record Winner Awarded Camera Club Cup tall
Detail of C.P. Powell's 1942 Chancel window, St. Lawrence, Bardney Janet Tierney 1st
Industrial silos, Goole Docks Janet Tierney 2nd
Portrait Winner Awarded Reg Henry Tray
Confrontation in the locker room David Hornsby 1st
Olivia Neil Whittaker 2nd
Eulalia Neil Whittaker 3rd
Sian Colin Hucklesby HC
Alice Hobson Maria Rhoades C
Photojournalism Winner Awarded Reg Henry Cup
Soul singer Neil Whittaker 1st
Out David Hornsby 2nd
Don't spare the horses Neil Whittaker 3rd
Loading containers at Felixstowe Peter Needham HC
Off-stump gone Bill Rhoades C
Natural History Winner Awarded Saunders Trophy
Fallow doe, Cannock Chase Janet Tierney 1st
Male teal Maria Rhoades 2nd
Fastidious grey heron Bill Rhoades 3rd
Gannet courtship Glen Wiggelsworth HC
Male sparrowhawk Joyce Campling HC
Swan Clive Campling C
Bi Annual Trophy - Colour Neil Whittaker  
Lucinda Neil Whittaker  
Beginners Winner awarded Club Goblet
Reflecting on a moth Chris Cooper 1st
Galway tribe flags Eileen Davis 2nd
Rare Brown butterfly Chris Cooper 3rd
Joni Mitchell clouds Chris Cooper HC
Pictorial Winner awarded Mart Club
Yellow tulips Janet Tierney 1st
Dales sunset Neil Whittaker 2nd
Paint decay Neil Whittaker 3rd
Sunflowers Maria Rhoades HC
Record Winner Awarded Brooke Cup
Barbara Hepworth's Ages of Man Neil Whittaker 1st
Bronze: a quiet place Maria Rhoades 2nd
The nave, Chauvigny parish church Janet Tierney 3rd
Portrait Winner Awarded Co op Camera Centre Cup
Lucinda Neil Whittaker 1st
Queen Rat Maria Rhoades 2nd
Peacock lady Maria Rhoades 3rd
Photojournalism Winner Awarded Camera Club Cup small
The high jump Neil Whittaker 1st
Heart & soul ll Neil Whittaker 2nd
New York mobile home David Hornsby 3rd
Mentally preparing for the ruck Bill Rhoades HC
Across the finishing line Neil Whittaker C
Natural History Winner Awarded Kate Rushden Trophy
Gannet family Bill Rhoades 1st
Kestrel eying up the prey Maria Rhoades 2nd
Stag's gaze David Hornsby 3rd
Rosehips in decay David Hornsby HC
Bi Annual Trophy - Digital Neil Whittaker  
Creative Winner Awarded Duncan Hill Trophy
Regent Street Neil Whittaker 1st
Scunthorpe RUFC The Colts Maria Rhoades 2nd
Fighting the Centaur Neil Whittaker 3rd