Competition No. 1 30 Jan 2019
Judge: Colin Lusby
Title Author Score
Mono Prints    
Simply shells Elaine Robinson 18
Snowy avenue Elaine Robinson 19
I want to get wet John Marris 20
Minster approach Neil Whittaker 20
Hay up , chuck Brian Woolhouse 19
Cold stare Brian Woolhouse 18
Deep in thought Neil Whittaker 18
Colour Prints    
Serenity Elaine Robinson 20
Winter snowdrops Peter Ellse 20
Fly agaric Peter Ellse 18
What are you looking at? Barbara Needham 18
Distant thoughts Brian Woolhouse 20
Northumberland winter sunrise Brian Woolhouse 20
Rusty hinge Nigel Padley 19
Saltfleet Haven Colin Hucklesby 18
Soul singer Neil Whittaker 18
Weave of light John Marris 18
Digital Images    
Malham Cove Brian Woolhouse 20
Pushing forward Bill Rhoades 20
Red stag in the mist Bill Rhoades 20
Queen Rat Maria Rhoades 19
Rosehips in decay David Hornsby 19
The high jump Neil Whittaker 19
Banded demoiselle Janet Tierney 18
Into the asteroid belt Neil Whittaker 18
Knight shot Brian Woolhouse 18
Low tide, Galloway Janet Tierney 18