Competition No. 4 held on 3 July
Judge: Martin Lichfield
Title Author score
Mono Prints    
Falkerk Kelpies Peter Ellse 20
Light and shade 1V Neil Whittaker 20
City Scape Neil Whittaker 19
Subway Station-Coney Island/Stillwell Avenue David Hornsby 19
Brimham Rocks Barbara Scott 18
Conway Castle Colin Hucklesby 18
Entrance to the cloiters Fontroide Janet Tierney 18
Generations apart Bill Kandola 18
Sian Maria Rhoades 18
Colour Prints    
Leith Cable Layer Peter Ellse 20
Venice Sunset Chris Cooper 19
Hairy Dragonfly Peter Ellse 18
Waterfall at Ingleton Eileen Davis 18
Not Taking a Fence David Hornsby 20
Sian Neil Whittaker 19
Curlew Drying Wings after Bathing Janet Tierney 18
Deep in Thought Bill Kandola 18
Faded Glory Neil Whittaker 18
Little Egret with Catch Bill Rhoades 18
Living on the Edge David Hornsby 18
Out Bill Rhoades 18
Ruins in the Bluebell Woods Maria Rhoades 18
White Lilies Janet Tierney 18
Digital Images    
Regent Street Neil Whittaker 20
Grey Heron Maria Rhoades 19
French Market Vegetable Seller David Hornsby 18
Gannet Soaring Over Bempton Cliffs Neil Whittaker 18
Gothicke Umbrellas Janet Tierney 18
Male Shelduck feeding Janet Tierney 18
Swallow Feeding Chicks Bill Kandola 18
The Misty Fjords Ketchikan Barbara Scott 18