Competition No. 1 held on 3 February 2021
Judge: Dianne Seddon
  Author score
Beginners Digital Images    
Covid loneliness Anna Holt 19
Advanced Digital Images    
German architecture at its best Neil Whittaker 20
Steetley Pier Neil Whittaker 20
Hook nose girl Richard Lloyd 19
Jackdaw Janet Tierney 19
Reflections at St. Paul's Cathedral Richard Lloyd 19
Stern gaze Richard Lloyd 19
The friendly visitor Maria Rhoades 19
Bretton Hall Park Janet Tierney 18
Chester High Street Neil Whittaker 18
November mist Janet Tierney 18
Train steam box and wheels Richard Lloyd 18
War veteran Neil Whittaker 18
Advanced Digital Images    
Essex beach huts Neil Whittaker 20
Blue and white Janet Tierney 19
Chest ..nut mushrooms John Smith 19
Cross in poppy field Nigel Padley 19
Frosty winter dawn Neil Whittaker 19
Gannet coming in to land Richard Lloyd 19
Outfall at Ladybower Richard Lloyd 19
Because it's there John Smith 18
Bridlington Harbour Colin Huckelsby 18
English rose David Hornsby 18
Holywell Bay mussels Ruth Holt 18
Little egret with catch Janet Tierney 18
Soul singer Neil Whittaker 18
Storm brewing over Lower Slaughter Mill Richard Lloyd 18