Andrew Appleton recently visited the club, and. gave a practical demonstration on using speed lights, both on and off camera.

Lincoln baAndrew Appletonsed photographer Andrew specialises in beauty, fashion and performance photography.He also teaches photography in his workshops, and lectures throughout the UK.  

Andrew demonstrated the effects that different modifiers have, and how to use reflectors and add light. Light to subject distance also affects the light quality. 

He also urged us to consider the best angle and height for different shots. Shutter speed was also used to contorl natural light. Andrew demonstrated how using a faster shutter speed and the addition of a single light diffused in a large soft box can helpyou achieve a variety of different moods and effects.   

Everything the Andrew showed us required very limited equipment. This meant club members came away with a host of idea and techniques that they could use iAndrew Appletonn their future work.

The club gave a vote of thanks to Andrew for enjoyable and informative evening.

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