Scunthorpe Camera Club members,  enjoyed success at the  recent LPA Print Battle Final. This took place on  Sunday 19 October, at Nettleham Village Hall.

5 clubs had made it into the print battle final, with Scunthorpe winning all three of their previous battle rounds.

The other clubs were that made it into the final were: RBCC, Deepings,Lincoln,Axeholme.

The final results:-Hell hath no fury by Robin Witting

Scunthorpe CC 253

RBCC 249

Lincoln CC 233

Deepings CC 232

Axholme CC 227.

The judge was Steve Myall EFIAP

Club members who's work was used for the winning battle entry were:

  • Alan Woolhouse
  • Alison Woolhouse,
  • Brian Woolhouse,
  • Mark Woolhouse,
  • David Bothby,
  • Robin Witting
  • Graham Clark.