• A key feature of our programme is the competitions; a regular one is held every alternate month.

    Members are divided into two categories. ‘advanced’ and ‘beginners’. The beginners section is open to anyone who has not won a trophy at club level. All members are free to move directly into the advanced section. Advanced members cannot move back to the beginners section.

    Each competition is divided into 3 sections:-

    1.  Monochrome prints

    2.  Colour prints

    3.  Digital Images

    The club also has two stand alone digital competitions based on a set theme.

    Finally we have the Annual competition at the end of the season where members submit their best work of the year

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  • As members of both NEMPF and LPA the camera club and its members are elegible to enter several prestigous competitons.

    The LPA is the Lincolnshire Photographic Association which the club and therefore the club members are a part of. Competitions include  the Foster Trophy Colour challenges , the Battles and POTY.

    N&EMPF is the North and East Midlands Photographic Federation which the club is also a member of..

    There are also club competitions in both prints and dpi which can be entered.



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